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In order to serve our customers in the most effective manner we ask that you follow some guidelines with respect to e-mail correspondence.

Please feel free to use e-mail to correspond with the staff for:

  • General Correspondence

  • Customer service with regard to your order

  • Reports on website typos or problems to the webmaster

Please do not use e-mail to correspond with the staff for:

  • Technical questions — these can more effectively be handled by phone

  • Pricing questions — prices for all products can be found in store or by phone.  The manufacturer/distributor prices do do reflect AVF Hobbies pricing.

When placing an order to us via E-mail, please be sure you put "ORDER" in the subject line. We will read these messages first. Do not send credit card information via e-mail. Please refer to our section "Ordering by E-Mail".

We do read all e-mail received and we gratefully accept your comments and feedback on our site, our policies, our products and our service, but please do not expect a response from your comments. We cannot respond to technical or pricing questions. Please call the appropriate phone line or refer to our "on-line" information for such questions.

We thank you in advance.

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