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Radios -Surface RC Vehicles


Almost all Ready to Run (RTR) vehicles come with a pistol grip radio, the same radio's used for boats. Most vehicles require only 2 or 3 channels, 1 for throttle, 1 for steering and maybe a third for reverse on nitro powered trucks. Some more advanced racers require more channels to run lights, gear shifting, winch control, and other features found in advanced radio controlled modeller.

AVF carries a wide selection of radio systems from the most basic to the more advanced systems available with a vast variety of option, features, channels to control and optional accessories.

Below we have provided a number of links to manufacturers website. In some cases, you will see prices listed. These are manufacturers list prices. They are generally not in Canadian funds and do not reflect AVF's everyday low prices. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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